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Energy Services Contracts (ESCo)

ESCo contracts are designed to take the risk out of improving the energy performance of building stock. Under an ESCo contract, the ESCo invests significant funds towards the cost of the design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the latest energy efficient heat & power systems.

The ESCo recovers its investment through selling the heat and/or electricity generated via heat sale and power purchase agreements with the client.

Typically, these contracts are over a 20-year period.

What can you expect from our ESCo ?

Sustinere UK, and our ESCo partners provide our clients with a full turnkey solution that provides complete peace of mind.

  • Working with Sustinere UK you can rely on a team with over 25 years industry experience.
  • We will always reduce your capital expenditure,  your energy costs and your operation and maintenance costs
  • Easy to understand contracts – we understand the importance of making sure our contracts are straightforward and easy to understand
  • A fully managed service – we take care of everything providing an end-to-end service including ongoing maintenance and management. You can focus on your business priorities.
Solar PV Power Purchase Agreement

What is a Power Purchase Agreement and what are the Benefits?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) enables businesses to make the switch to low-cost, clean-energy with no upfront costs. Instead of purchasing electricity from the grid, you generate your own clean, green energy from a fully installed solar PV system on the roof of your premises.

  • There are no upfront costs to your business
  • You benefit from electricity rates that are lower than you would normally pay from the Grid. And because our prices are linked to RPI, you are also protected from the higher than RPI increases that are anticipated in the electricity market. Recent figures issued by the government Business Energy Industrial Strategy department (BEIS) show an average annual rate of inflation associated with UK energy prices of more than 6%.
  • You will only pay for the electricity that you produce and use each month. This is a significant benefit to a commercial operation, given that the electricity is being purchased at a significantly cheaper rate than from the grid.
Funding Partners

Introducing Our Funding Partners

Sustinere UK are a leading project developer in the renewables and energy efficiency sectors, specialising in providing its clients with the three core aims of – reducing energy bills, reducing carbon emissions and reducing fuel poverty

Sustinere UK are experts in achieving this by making energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, accessible, understandable and affordable.

Sustinere UK specialise in delivering fully financed projects via innovative ESCo and Power Purchase Agreement models that ensures our clients benefit from reduced energy costs delivered under a complete managed service that includes design, installation, finance, fuelling, operation and maintenance.

Sustinere UK design, procure, install and maintain Solar PV, biomass boiler, gas boiler and CHP projects across a wide range of properties including multi-occupancy housing, care facilities, leisure centres and hotels under long-term energy supply agreements. The Sustinere UK team has significant sector experience having successfully delivered low carbon and renewable projects, from design and finance through to delivery and aftercare.

ESCo Funding & PPA funding: Guinness Asset Management

Guinness Asset Management utilise their Sustainable Infrastructure funding to fund the installation CHP/Heat & Power systems, and the PPA funded Solar PV systems.

Our ESCo Partners