Sustinere UK is working with Industrial clients across the manufacturing, agriculture and food & beverage markets, where the provision of process heat and on-site power generation is absolutely business critical.

The potential for the ESCo model to help Industry to lower its carbon footprint, improve business green credentials, and reduce energy bills cannot be overestimated.

The ESco model delivers energy savings and improved CO2 emissions, with no capital outlay from the client, and provides operating certainty with all the risk being passed down to a specialist organisation.

The team works with clients on developing a deliverable and feasible energy strategy, assists with consultations and ensures that the project is viable and within the scope of Sustinere UK’s delivery. As soon as the client confirms their desire to proceed, Sustinere UK take the project through detailed design, full delivery and commissioning and, through their ownership of the underlying system, have a huge vested interest in maintaining and operating the systems to the peak of its performance for the full 20-year contractual term and beyond