Metro Inns

Metro Inns

Project Overview

Client: Metro Inns

Metro Inns have 13 Hotels across England and Scotland. They were looking to reduce their energy bills and improve the environmental credentials across all their portfolio and chose their hotels in Falkirk, Newcastle and Teesside as the first three sites to receive the PPA funded Solar PV systems.

Other partners: Engenera & Guinness Asset Management

Scheme: 3 x 20 kWp Solar PV system

Solution & Project funding: The entire project was delivered through a fully funded, serviced, installed, managed, and maintained Power Purchase Agreement model

The Challenge

The requirement for a solar PV developer who could fully finance, design, install and maintain a commercial Solar PV system. To ensure the installation was carried out safely and without any disruption to the staff or residents at the hotels.

The Solution

Working with our delivery partner, Engenera, Sustinere UK was able to deliver a fullyfunded scheme with funding from Guinness Asset Management
The Power Purchase Agreement between Guinness Asset Management and Metro Inns meant the solar PV system could be installed at no cost to Metro Inns.

Once installed, Metro Inns were able to benefit from lower than Grid priced electricity, and improved energy efficiency ratings for the site With the Solar PV generated electricity prices tied in with RPI, Metro Inns will likely see the savings increase given that grid electricity price increases are predicted to exceed RPI over the next 20 years.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) enables businesses to make the switch to low- cost, clean energy with no upfront costs. Instead of purchasing electricity from the grid, businesses generate their own clean, green energy from a solar PV system. Under the terms of the PPA,the business has no upfront cost for installing or maintaining the solar PV system, and gets to buy the electricity at lower than grid electricity rates.

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